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The Adventures of the Earth Saver Girl, Don't be a Litterbug, was written by Brooklyn when she was 7 years old. Brooklyn decided to write the book to let people know how bad littering is for the Earth.  This is the first book of a series of books Brooklyn plans to write to educate youth about; going green, protecting our animals, having compassion for each other and getting out to play.

Brooklyn and her book superhero Earth Saver Girl travels to schools and events to do storytelling and an award winning interactive litter prevention program. Earth Saver Girl and Brooklyn would love to visit your school. Please submit a request.

Brooklyn is the recipient of the 2017 Atlanta Hawks True to Atlanta Community Award, 2015  Hasbro Community Action Heroes Award,  2014 Dale Earnhardt's Legend Leadership Award, 2013 Black Girls Rock's M.A.D. (Making A Difference) Award, The 2012 Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes, Action for Nature's 2011 International Young Eco Hero Award, Kohl's Kids Who Care 2011 Regional Award, Keep America Beautiful 2010 National Litter Prevention Award and Captain Planet's 2010 Eco Superhero. Join Brooklyn's mission by pledging not to be a litterbug, like the Atlanta Police Chief, George Turner.  Submit your video and visit the site to see your video like the people below. 

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the adventures of the earth saver girl by 7 year old brooklyn alfred the litterbug show the earth some love


  ☻Brooklyn wins the 2014 Dale Earnhardt's
     Legend Leadership Award

  Brooklyn wins 2015
     Hasbro Community Action Heroes Award

  ☻Brooklyn named Black Girl's Rock!

     M.A.D. (Making A Difference) Girl.

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