Summer 2014, Earth Saver Girl will host her first Eco Summer Day Camp!

Earth Saver Girl will host her first Eco Summer Day Camp, in summer 2014.  Kids will learn about the environment, hike, fish, canoe, explore nature and many other fun activities.  Upon completion, each camper will be awarded an Earth Saver badge. Teens and preteens will attend workshops on green careers and will have an opportunity to experience some green jobs.

The mission of Earth Saver Girl Organization is to engage educate and empower children to protect the Earth's environment. We plan to help children develop a greater understanding and respect for animals, plants, water, soil, air and energy systems; comprehend the positive and negative environmental effects of our actions, acquire a knowledge of practical, sustainable living strategies which consciously and carefully utilize our natural resources;  and share and learn from each otherís creative ideas and knowledge. 

To help make our summer camp program a success, we need your support in keeping cost to a minimum. We invite you to make a donation today.




What are Learning Gardens? How can children benefit from starting one? Learning gardens are like outdoor classrooms situated in a wide open green space. It gives young people a chance to receive hands-on experience with gardening. These gardens not only bring young people together, it brings the community together as a whole.

It gives kids a chance to grow fresh organic produce they may not have access to in an urban environment. Children are taught to grow a variety of nutritious organic vegetables, such as juicy red tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, onions, carrots, corn, chili peppers, sweet potatoes and more.

Why Eating Organic Vegetables Are Important for Children

Children are most susceptible to pesticide exposure in food because their immune systems are still in the development stage. Studies have shown that vegetables that are grown without chemicals can reduce a person's risk of cancer, especially in children.

Having a learning gardens is a great way to educate kids and adults on the importance of good nutrition. Earth Saver Girl plans to donate 10 gardens to various schools annually. Additionally, Earth Saver Girl and volunteers plan to visit these schools and help kids get their gardens up and running.

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