Brooklyn is a honor student from metro Atlanta. The Adventures of the Earth Saver Girl is her first storybook with several more to come. She decided to do this book because she thought it would be a good way for kids her age to learn about the importance of  protecting our Earth. She plans to do a series of The Adventures of the Earth Saver Girl, the first one focuses on Litter. She is currently researching for her next book which will focus on pooper scooping.

Birthday:   Guess my birthday for a prize email me.
Favorite Color:   Blue
Favorite Book   Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Favorite Junk Food:   Chocolate
Favorite Movie:   Karate Kid
Favorite TV Show:   Chowder , Everybody Hates Chris
Favorite Entertainers:   Beyonce', Queen Latifah & Jaden Smith
Favorite Activities:   Writing, basketball, playing the drums, ping pong, Rock Band, and taking pictures
I want to be:    A  drummer, photographer, talk show host like Ms. Oprah!
My Idol:   My Mommy. Actually she is my HERO.

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