author Brooklyn Earth Saver Girl

Brooklyn was featured on MSNBC's Go and Do
Congratulations Brooklyn for being named Black Girls Rock! 2013 M.A.D.
(Making A Difference) Girl.
Brooklyn Wright Imagine a Future
● Ms. Beverly Bond thank you so much for selecting me as a M.A.D. Girl. I learned so much from
    my weekend with Black Girls Rock! I am so inspired to do more.
● Thank you Bonnie Jean for designing my special dress. I really enjoyed my visit to your office.
● Thank you JcPenney's Hiram, GA for supplying my casual wear.
Earth Saver Girl on NBC Nightly News


Earth Saver Girl is on the cover of Time For Kids

- October 2013 Black Girls Rock! M.A.D. (Making A Difference) Girl Honoree
- October 2013 PeaceFirst Prize Finalist
- April 2013 Earth Saver Girl featured on the cover of Time for Kids Magazine
- September 2012 Brooklyn wins The Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes
- October 2011, Brooklyn wins Everyday Young Hero Award from Youth Service America
- July 2011, Brooklyn wins Regional Award from Kohl's Kids Who Care
- July 2011, Brooklyn/Earth Saver Girl wins International Young Eco-Hero Award from
  Action For Nature
- December 2010, Brooklyn is name Captain Planet's 2010 Eco Superhero
- December 2010, Brooklyn wins a national award from Keep America Beautiful


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AJC 9/28/11 MJC 9/18/11 GA Magazine-Sept. MJC 11/10

Fact Book 2010

MJC  6/24/11

MJC 7/10

Action for Nature

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Don't be a Litterbug

I didn't win but I had fun making the video!



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